Om Seeker

Velkommen til

Seeker Watches er et dansk brand, med dansk designede ure til både mænd og kvinder. Webshoppen blev startede op i 2016. Seeeker Watches blev i december 2018 overtaget af firmaet Uniique og i juli 2019 købte jeg (Frank Øksnebjerg) urmærket Seeker Watches.

Formålet med købet af Seeker Watches er at udvikle brandet, med flere varer i samme høje kvalitet, samt marketføre det udenlands.

Hvem står bag?

Jeg hedder Frank Øksnebjerg, jeg er indehaver af Seeker Wathes ApS.              Jeg har stor passion for ure og smykker.  Seeker Watches er startet af 2 meget dygtige og ihærdige iværksættere Kamilla og Rune, som jeg nu er så heldig at føre videre og udbygge.

Deres historie og tanker om Seeker kan du læse herunder.

We are Rune and Kamilla and we are happy to call ourselves the Creators of Seeker.
Back in 2014, the idea of making our own Watch began to flourish. We had the feeling that in the era of smart watches and digitalization, the primary function of the watch was being neglected in favor of heart rate monitors and GPS devices. So, with passion for the traditional and analogue, we have created a Watch which only tells you the most important. Time.
We were both born and raised in city of Aalborg, Denmark. This is where we depart from when we go to explore the world, and this is where we return. It is the place where our daughters will grow up. The home base.
In recent years Aalborg has undergone an evolution from an industrial city to a modern Scandinavian culture headquarter. And this is exactly what our watch reflects. The old traditional crafts, mixed with modern design. It's about remembering where you came from.

Seeker watches are powered by the philosophy that time is our most valuable recourse. You only get this very moment once, so you’ve better make the most of it! With the Seeker watch, we are stripping it down to the bare essentials: Time and presence – and style of course! As a fun-loving family with a great curiosity for life and travel, we understand that different daily adventures require different equipment. Lets be honest; who wants to wear their fancy leather-strap watch whilst sailing a kayak? With the Seeker watch we’re solving that problem for you! You could even take it for a swim (5ATM)! The AAL watch would still be your trusty companion. Every watch comes with a variety of three interchangeable, high quality wristbands – One to fit every occasion.